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Felicity Walker is the author of the best-selling Quilting for Beginners book series and other books for quilters. She has been quilting for nearly twenty years and loves finding easier, faster, and more fun ways to make quilts.

Quilt Label Ideas: How to Design and Create a Label

Your quilt is almost done! You see the finish line ahead. Do you really want to take the extra time to put on a quilt label now? Absolutely. In just an hour or two, you can create a permanent record that your quilt will carry with it as long as it survives. A good quilt label […]


The Great Sewing Room Cleanup Giveaway #5: Cat Quilt Blocks

Update: The giveaway is now closed, and we have a winner: Nancy W. from Florida. Thanks to everyone who entered. We’ll be posting a new giveaway soon.  We’re STILL working on finding new homes for the bottomless pile of unfinished projects in our sewing room, and that means one lucky blog reader will get this […]


The Great Sewing Room Cleanup Giveaway #1: Grandmother’s Fan Blocks

GIVEAWAY UPDATE Monday, 6/26/2017: The lucky winner of the Grandmother’s Fan blocks is Debbie Bosch, who describes herself as a “new quilter.” Congratulations, Debbie! Her winning comment was chosen at random from all the comments on this post. If you follow New Quilters on Facebook, you may recall that we recently asked if anyone would […]


Quilt Binding Tip: Making Perfect Corners

One of the great frustrations you may run into when you bind your quilts is achieving a perfect mitered corner — that is, a corner with a beautiful, crisp 45-degree angle that ends in a sharp point. This video shows the clever (and easy) binding trick quilt designer Patrick Lose uses to achieve those perfect […]


Back Your Quilts with Polar Fleece: Durable, Light, Warm, Washable

If you live in a climate where the weather gets cold, you can’t beat polyester fleece as a quilt backing. Fleece is soft, light, warm, and washes and dries well. Where I live in Northern California, the nights are chilly almost all year round, so I back almost all my quilts with polar fleece fabric […]


Tips and Tricks: Stop Fabric Colors from Bleeding

One of the worst moments you can experience as a quilter is putting a quilt into the wash for the first time, then taking it out and seeing to your horror that one or more of the fabrics in the quilt has bled dye onto other parts of the quilt. I’ve had that happen, and […]


Windmill Quilt Block Strip Piecing Tutorial

  The Windmill quilt block is an easy block made by arranging four Rail Fence blocks into a larger block that looks like — you guessed it — the turning blades of a windmill. The block needs only two fabrics, one lighter and one darker. The more contrast you have between the two fabrics, the […]


Sewing Half-Square Triangle Quilt Blocks from Fabric Squares — Tutorial

Here’s an easy way to make half-square triangle blocks from two fabric squares. Each set of two squares will make two mirror-image triangle blocks. Step-by-Step Instructions Start with two squares of the same size from two fabrics that look good together. I cut one square from this cute cherry fabric and paired it with a […]


Valentine Heart “Kisses and Hugs” Quilt

I’ve made a lot of Christmas wall quilts, but hardly any Valentine’s quilts. Time to make some more! Looking for something simple and easy, I found a free heart banner pattern on Freda’s Hive, and decided it would be the perfect starting point for my next Valentine’s wall quilt. The original pattern I found consists of two scrappy […]


How to Fold Your Fabric for Cutting

How should you fold new fabric when you get it home so that it will be ready to cut whenever inspiration strikes you? This helpful video from Nancy Roelfsema of On Point Tutorials shows one good way to fold your fabric so you can just take it off the shelf and have it all ready […]


6 Steps to Finishing Your Unfinished Quilts

They are the UFOs (Unfinished Objects): unfinished quilts and pieces of quilts that take up physical space in the sewing room and mental space that most busy quilters can ill afford to spare. I have them. You have them. Every quilter has them. They make up a ghostly presence that haunts our sewing rooms. The […]


Quilting with Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

For many quilters (myself included), quilting is really all about color: celebrating our favorite colors, combining colors in pleasing and sometimes surprising ways, and discovering exciting new colors we’ve never quilted with before. I am always interested and usually surprised by the announcement of the color company Pantone’s Color of the Year. This year’s color […]

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