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Felicity Walker is the author of the best-selling Quilting for Beginners book series and other books for quilters. She has been quilting for nearly twenty years and loves finding easier, faster, and more fun ways to make quilts.

Floral Rail Fence Quilt

Here’s what I was doing instead of cooking for Thanksgiving: This little rail fence quilt is the same one I made for Felicity Walker’s new ebook, but in a different set of fabrics. I used two layers of wool batting to make the quilt extra warm. The quilt is stiffer and a bit heavier with […]


Blog Giveaway Winner!

First, a big thank-you to all you wonderful quilters who commented on the giveaway post and are following Quilter’s Diary. It’s a pleasure to share our quilting adventures and misadventures with you. Now, the winner of the blog giveaway!  Missmoozie, a new quilter, will be receiving a free copy of Hand & Machine Quilting Tips […]


Quilt-as-you-Go Thanksgiving Table Runner

My Thanksgiving table runner got started with this orphan star block: The star had somehow been left behind when I found new homes for the other blocks I inherited from a very old quilter. I got tired of seeing it float around my sewing room, looking wrinkled and lonely — it made me sad, seeing […]


Christmas Cat Quilt

I know my effort to clean up my sewing room by making all the projects in my unfinished pile is misguided. I’m perfectly well aware that each project only generates another new pile of scraps which takes up even more room than the unfinished project did. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. My latest […]


Quilt-as-You-Go Strip Quilt

53 x 42 Here’s the story of this quilt: I had some fabric left over after making a table runner for my friend Felicity Walker’s new quilting book. (The book includes a complete tutorial for a quilt-as-you-go table runner.) Instead of cutting the fabric into small blocks, I decided to make this lap-sized strip quilt. Here’s what […]


Quilted Beauty, 2013

Last week I went to the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, California. PIQF is a large show (at least, the largest one I’ve been to) and always features an exhibit of quilts from top international quilters. Seeing the work of these consummate artists is humbling for an everyday quilter like me, but it’s […]


Friendship Star Quilt Block: Yet Another Take

I found this sweet red-and-white Friendship Star block a couple of days ago in a pile of the blocks I inherited from a longtime quilter.  Two things set  this block apart from the basic Friendship Star (tutorial here):  or this easy variation: The contrasting triangles in the four corners of the block. The quarter-square triangle in […]


Log Cabin Baby Quilt

This little Log Cabin quilt (30″ x 42″) is going to my new step-niece, Allison. I bought the Log Cabin blocks on Ebay years ago and decided to assemble them as part of my “clean the sewing room by making new projects” initiative. This is a limited success as a cleanup measure, but it does […]


Work in Progress Wednesday: Pink Baby Rag Quilt

I’m cheating a bit by posting this on Work in Progress Wednesday, because this little baby quilt is actually as finished as it will ever be, but here it is! This quilt was part of a pink reduction project I’ve been carrying out in my sewing room. I’m trying to shrink the size of my […]


Roman Stripes String Quilt

Like many of my quilts, this newly finished quilt has been a long time in the making. Roman Stripes is a pattern that used to be popular with Amish quilters (and may still be, although I didn’t see it when I visited Pennsylvania Dutch country a few years ago.) I adapted the pattern by making […]

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