Christmas Fabric Gift Bags: the Mania Begins | New Quilters

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The Christmas sewing season is here, and I’ve already started work on my favorite Christmas project: making fabric gift bags. I made dozens of them last year. The first few I finished this year are shown in the photo above.

If you’d like to join me in gift bag mania, here’s a tutorial on sewing your own fabric gift bags.   And one on making gift bags for wine and liquor bottles.

These are a few of the bags I currently have in progress:blank

Why do I like making these bags so much? Maybe because they’re my only legitimate excuse for buying fabric. Look at some of the fabric I bought to make this year’s bags. Don’t they give you a lift just to look at them? My taste in quilts runs to the more serious, but with a gift bag you can be frivolous and break out of your usual color limitations. blank


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