This Year's First Christmas Quilt - New Quilters

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I got this nativity quilt panel years ago to practice my free motion machine quilting. I got stuck for a long time in “Stipple” mode, and this panel gave me some good practice in other styles of quilting, especially outlining shapes and making textures for wood, straw, stones, and other materials. Every now and then I would bring it out and quilt a few more sections. Now it’s finally finished! I’m still not a great machine quilter, but I’m definitely improving.

Here’s Baby Jesus, lying on his straw manger: blank

And one of the sheep hanging around the stable:


And the whole nativity scene:

blankOne problem with quilt panels is that they aren’t usually very square. The distortion is often made worse by dense quilting. I had to leave this panel a bit off square when I bound it to keep the corner motifs from getting cut off. I hope the eventual recipient (not decided yet) doesn’t mind!


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