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Mug Rugs for the Holidays 2016

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I’ve been seeing other people make these simple little mini quilts called mug rugs for months now, and finally decided to make a couple myself.

Both of these are 6″ x 6″, with a layer of backing fabric, a layer of Warm & Natural cotton batting, and for the top, scraps of holiday fabric left over from other projects. It’s important to use cotton and not polyester if you want to put anything really hot on your mug rug.

To assemble, just lay the backing fabric face down, put the batting on top, and then the top fabric, face up. I do think it’s a good idea to put some stitching in the center of the mug rug sandwich so the rug stays together if you wash and dry it later. In the scrap Christmas tree rug, the stitching that attaches the scraps serves this purpose. The one in the lower photo was made from a single piece of beautiful Laurel Burch fabric, so I just stitched a line down the center of the Christmas tree to hold the layers together.

I took the lazy quick route and made my mug ruts without standard quilt binding. Instead, I sewed around the outer edges with a tight zigzag stitch. On the mug rug below, I set my stitching line a little inside the outer edge of the fabric and used pinking shears to cut a zigzag edge around the outside of the mug rug.


Now that they are finished, I can use them to put down a cup of hot coffee or cold water without damaging the surface underneath.

These little quilts took about half an hour to make. If you’d like to try one, you can make yours any size that fits your purpose. A larger one can be a hot pad for a holiday dish. Small ones like these are perfect resting spots for cups and glasses.



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