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Have I mentioned that I love making Christmas quilts? It’s a much less fattening way to get in the Christmas spirit than baking!

I first bought a version of this quilted wallhanging on Ebay, not knowing at the time where the design came from. That original quilt was made in fabrics that were too bland for my taste — green, brown, and beige prints with tiny sprigged flowers. So I gave away the original and made a new version with bolder fabrics I liked better. That version is shown in the photo on the left.

I especially love the fabric I used for the Christmas tree trunk. (I only wish I could remember who designed it!) The stacked logs remind me a bit of wrapped Christmas presents.


I also made my background a little more colorful than the original quilt I bought. Instead of beige, I used white, pale pink and green prints:


When I decided to post this quilt, I realized I ought to find out if someone deserved credit for the design. I have just discovered that the quilt came from Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day. So thank you, Eleanor, for this lovely pattern.



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