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For the last month I’ve been sick with a nasty cold, followed by an equally nasty sinus infection and hacking cough. The only thing I felt well enough to do was make fabric gift bags. (Did I mention that I’m a bit obsessed with making gift bags?)

There are several things about these bags that make them fun to make (and give):

  • For one thing, you can use up all those cute fat quarters you bought on impulse without knowing exactly how you would use them.
  • Also, the bag pattern I use is lined on the inside with a coordinating fabric, so you can experiment with wild and funky fabric combinations that might drive you crazy if you had to look at them on a quilt day after day. Another bonus: fabric gift bags look great even if you use the very cheapest sale fabric from a big-box fabric store. I like to buy Christmas fabric on sale at Joann’s. I also use fabric that I pick up at the thrift store. (Save the really high quality fabric for a quilt that will get more wear and hopefully last longer than a gift bag.)
  • And of course, the bags are reusable, so you feel virtuous whenever you use one to wrap a gift instead of paper that goes into the landfill.

Anyway, I made a lot of bags in the last few weeks.

Small ones…

Medium-sized ones…

And large ones…

I made lots and lots of gift bags — more than fifty in all. I’m going to give most of them as Christmas presents to my crafty friends, and save the rest for my family to use. ¬†Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll give step by step instructions for making the three sizes of bags pictured above.

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