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Clever little ideas for quilting faster and more easily.

How to Fold Your Fabric for Cutting

How should you fold new fabric when you get it home so that it will be ready to cut whenever inspiration strikes you? This helpful video from Nancy Roelfsema of On Point Tutorials shows one good way to fold your fabric so you can just take it off the shelf and have it all ready […]


How Much Thread Do You Need to Machine-Quilt Your Top?

Anyone who has machine-quilted a quilt of any size knows you can use up a distressingly large amount of thread that way. It can be hard to guess whether the amount of thread you have will be enough to finish quilting the whole top. And it’s very annoying to guess wrong and run out of […]


Interfacing in T-Shirt Quilting

One of the most popular articles on this blog is one we wrote about using interfacings to stabilize t-shirts so you can sew the t-shirts into a quilt without stretching them out of shape. That article provoked this question from reader Stacy: “I noticed that you state, woven or non-woven interfacing is fine. I know […]


Bright Baby Rag Quilt

Last week’s quilting project: making this rag quilt (about 60″ x 40″) for a brand-new baby boy. The pattern for the quilt is just about the easiest pattern in the whole world, (you can get it here, in my rag quilting book for beginners), but making this quilt was a challenge for me because of the […]


The Cats Who Help Us Quilt

We’d like to thank Quilter’s Diary reader Beth for posting a link to our new Cats and Quilts Coloring Book on her blog, and for letting us post these photos of her own quilting cat, who looks about as helpful as quilting cats usually are. Anyone else have a quilting cat to share with us? […]


Free Valentine Cats Coloring Page

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, dear quilting friend! Have you gotten caught up in the adult coloring book craze? I have — not so much on the coloring end, but I have really gotten into creating pages to color. I am currently working on a whole book of coloring pages featuring — what else? — cats […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

And we are so very grateful for you, dear quilting friends. Happy Thanksgiving from Quilter’s Diary. Here is hoping your year will be full of things large and small to feel thankful for. Photo by Eric Soenstrom,


How to Sew Fabric Gift Bags: a Tutorial

Make your gift extra-special by wrapping it in one of these beautiful, reusable fabric bags. I’ve given gifts in these bags for years, and many times, the recipient likes the bag just as much as the gift inside! It’s like adding a little extra treat to your gift. Use the instructions in this post to […]


Throwback Thursday: Halloween Quilt Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I always start my seasonal quilts a bit too late to have them done for the season. I won’t confess exactly how many times I’ve finished a a Halloween quilt the day after Halloween, or a Christmas quilt two days after Christmas. (Let’s just say it’s not an unusual […]


Houses Quilt Finished!

Finished! Here’s the Houses quilt I’ve been making for my aunt in bits and pieces for the last month or so. It’s always satisfying to get a quilt done, especially since I’m also rearranging my sewing room at the same time and everything else I’ve been working on is in a state of total upheaval. […]


New Rag Quilt in Action

Here’s a sight every quilter likes to see: a brand new quilt that is already hard at work, keeping someone cozy and warm. This quilt is a rag quilt with Christmas-themed fabrics that I finished right before the storm of holiday visiting, cooking, and parties burst over my head. Did you quilt for the holidays, […]