The Cats Who Help Us Quilt | New Quilters

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We’d like to thank Quilter’s Diary reader Beth for posting a link to our new Cats and Quilts Coloring Book on her blog, and for letting us post these photos of her own quilting cat, who looks about as helpful as quilting cats usually are. Anyone else have a quilting cat to share with us? sammy-in-the-quilt-e1459256576827 sammy-in-the-sham sammy-on-the-sham-e1459256401844

If you want to see an impressive quilted work of art, check out the Attic Window quilt Beth made for her son and daughter-in-law.  The quilting is elegant and the cross-stitched details make us feel a mingled feeling of jealousy at her skill and exhaustion at the thought of making all those tiny stitches. Beautiful work, Beth!


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