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Courthouse Steps Quilt

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This Courthouse Steps lap quilt quilt (47″ x 62″) was my second finish of the year 2013. And if the autumnal color palette and the leaf prints make you wonder if I started it in the fall, you’re right — if you guessed the fall of a long-ago year that has already faded into distant  memory. I am working hard to clear my piles of blocks waiting to be turned into quilts, and this was on top of the pile.

Courthouse Steps Quilt 1 2013

I machine-quilted the center of the quilt in the ditch, with Xes across the large single-fabric blocks. For the outer borders, I used the free-motion leaf motif you can see below.

Courthouse Steps Quilt folded large

Now that I see the finished quilt, I wish I had put one more round of “steps” in the Courthouse Steps blocks. Here’s a closeup of the block:Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Quilt Block

The blocks look fine individually, but viewed all together in the quilt, it seems like I wanted to feature the letter “I”. But c’est la guerre, as I like to say in my excruciating French accent. On to the next quilt!

If you’re interested in making your own Courthouse Steps quilt, here’s a gallery of patterns you might use, based on the block.


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