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Rail Fence Quilt Rows in Progress LargeIn the spirit of making good use of the blocks that are taking up space in my sewing room, I’m in the process of making one of my favorite easy quilts — a rail fence quilt made entirely with batiks. I’ve made this quilt many times, for friends, to donate to charities, and to sell.  Over the years I’ve stockpiled a lot of rail fence batik blocks, and today I’m planning to use up everything I have. These blocks are the ones I thought were too wild to work in previous quilts, but today they’re all going to play together! I guess it will be a wild quilt. Someone will like it.

The quilt alternates 2-strip rail fence blocks with three-strip blocks. That small difference makes the quilt so much more visually interesting to me than the standard rail fence design, where all the blocks have the same number of strips. This layout has vertical two-strip blocks and horizontal three-strip blocks.

I’ve sewed together four rows of eight blocks, and the next row is laid out and ready to piece together.

Rail Fence Quilt in Progress Large


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