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This little Log Cabin quilt (30″ x 42″) is going to my new step-niece, Allison. I bought the Log Cabin blocks on Ebay years ago and decided to assemble them as part of my “clean the sewing room by making new projects” initiative. This is a limited success as a cleanup measure, but it does feel good to finish projects that have been hanging around for months or even years, waiting to be made.

The quilt is made with a puffy polyester batting for softness and warmth, and backed with my last piece of a flowered flannel I’ve always really liked: Log Cabin Baby Quilt Flannel Backing

 The batting came as part of the treasure trove of things I inherited from a long-time quilter who died last summer at age 95. The various histories of the quilt components make this quilt a memory quilt for me, even though it will be completely new to the little recipient. Just one of the wonderful things about quilting, isn’t it?



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