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I’m cheating a bit by posting this on Work in Progress Wednesday, because this little baby quilt is actually as finished as it will ever be, but here it is!

Pink Baby Rag QuiltThis quilt was part of a pink reduction project I’ve been carrying out in my sewing room. I’m trying to shrink the size of my fabric stash, starting with some of my less favorite colors, which means pink. The backing squares are scrap pieces of the polar fleece I use to back most of my quilts. I really like using a few different colors and mixing them up. It makes an interesting “sashed” effect on the front of the quilt.

Here’s another view of the quilt, wiht apologies for the poor lighting:

Pink Baby Rag Quilt Flat

The quilt may be finished, but the pink reduction project goes on — that’s the work in progress part. I think my next move will be to make a pink pinwheel quilt. Pink and pinwheels go together like… like ice cream and chocolate sauce.

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