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Last week I went to the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, California. PIQF is a large show (at least, the largest one I’ve been to) and always features an exhibit of quilts from top international quilters. Seeing the work of these consummate artists is humbling for an everyday quilter like me, but it’s also inspiring. I took some photos and thought you might like to see just a taste of the different styles on display at the show. Here’s a crazy quilt stitched in 1885. I loved the owls:

Crazy Quilt from 1885

Crazy Quilt from 1885

Here’s a modern take on the Log Cabin quilt, In the Shadow of the Gardener I, by June Atherton:

In the Shadow of the Gardener I Janet Atherton

A New York Beauty variation called Rainbow for Tucker, by Kimberly D. Hess. Check out the pattern of the quilting:

Rainbow for Tucker Quilt Kimberly D. Hess

It’s hard to convey how perfectly fresh and springy these applique flowers looked.  The quilt is aptly named Springtime in the Garden, by Terri Schneider.

Springtime in the Garden Quilt Terri SchneiderAnd how about this whole cloth quilt, Susanna in Waiting, by Kathleen M. Collins? The image was drawn on the fabric with ink and colored pencil:

Susanna in Waiting Quilt If I get industrious, I’ll post some more glorious quilts later in the week.



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