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Easiest Little Rag Quilt Ever

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Rag quilts are the simplest kind of quilt-as-you-go quilt — which means just about the simplest and easiest of all quilts you can make. Learn how to make one here. I like making them because they are really easy to cut and sew, forgiving of mistakes, and are often made of flannel, which makes the end result wonderfully soft and cozy. Have a few extra fabric squares or strips lying around? Throw them in! Bad at cutting or sewing straight lines? No problem! Crooked lines look just fine.

With technical specifications as relaxed as these, Christine and I have made quite a a number of rag quilts over the years.

Most of our early rag quilts were made from fabric squares. The little rag quilt featured in this post is the first one I’ve made from flannel strips. I cut the strips the full width of the fabric, machine quilted each strip to a backing strip of polyester fleece, sewed the strip sets together with straight-line seams, and then clipped the seam allowances and outer borders. Quilt done in just a few hours.

Here are the fabrics I started with:

Baby Rag Quilt Fabrics

I cut them more or less at random into 2-1/2″, 5″, 7-1/2″, and 10″ strips. Then I laid out the strips into a pattern I liked. I cut strips of pink-and-orange polyester fleece the same width as each of the flannel strips in the top, then used a wavy decorative stitch to quilt each flannel strip to its matching backing strip. Here’s what the backing fabric looks like:

Baby Rag Quilt 7After all the strips were quilted, I sewed the flannel/fleece strip sets together with a 3/4″ seam allowance. The deep seam allowance gives the seams their fluffy ragged edges. I took a couple of extra strips of flannel and sewed them to the top and bottom edges of the quilt to make the ragged edges thicker and more luxurious. And here’s the end result:

Baby Rag Quilt 8

Baby Rag Quilt 6

Baby Rag Quilt 5

Baby Rag Quilt 2

Baby Rag Quilt 1

Baby Rag Quilt 4

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