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Fun ideas for holiday quilting.

Best Holiday Gifts for Quilters

What can you give a quilter that will make her eyes light up this holiday season? That can be hard to guess at if you’re not a quilter yourself. But fear not! This list of 21 tools, fabric, and other must-haves takes the anxiety out of giving holiday gifts to quilters. (If you’re a quilter […]


Make Your Own Pressing Spray and Save $$ — a Tutorial

A hot iron alone doesn’t always get all the creases and wrinkles out of your fabric — even when you use steam. (I speak from bitter experience.) Pressing sprays like Mary Ellen’s Best Press really do help smooth out stubborn wrinkles, but they aren’t cheap! In fact, they are so pricey that I rarely buy […]


Black Cats Halloween Table Runner Quilt

I’ve had a long love affair with the rail fence quilt block. I’ve lost count of how many rail fence bed quilts and lap quilts I’ve made, but until this week I had never made a rail fence table quilt. No more! This week I made two: this cute Halloween table runner, and a 24″ […]


Day of the Dead Rail Fence Table Topper Quilt

I have a child who is a huge fan of Halloween, so I have made quite a few quilts featuring pumpkins, spiders, bats, and witches. This easy little table topper quilt is only the second quilt I’ve ever made in honor of the Day of the Dead. Dia de Los Muertos is the distinctively Mexican […]


12 Days of Christmas Quilted Table Runner

I was idly looking at Christmas quilts on the Internet a few days ago when I came across a fun-looking tutorial for a Christmas table runner on the Samelia’s Mum blog and decided, “Why not?” The table runner is made of Disappearing 9-patch blocks, which are 9-patch blocks that you piece, cut up, rearrange into a […]


Christmas Wreath Quilts for Holiday Home Decor (Photo Gallery)

Christmas Wreath Quilts is our new book of easy little holiday wreath quilt patterns. You can make the four patterns in the book to decorate your walls and tables for the holidays, or to give to someone you care about as a quick holiday gift. This photo gallery shows the quilts we made for the […]


Cracked Easter Egg Quilt

Until yesterday, I had no springtime decorations in my house at all. I have holiday quilts for the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but nothing to celebrate Easter or the arrival of springtime. I finally did something (small) about this hole in my holiday decorating scheme: I made this little 15″ x […]


Valentine Heart “Kisses and Hugs” Quilt

I’ve made a lot of Christmas wall quilts, but hardly any Valentine’s quilts. Time to make some more! Looking for something simple and easy, I found a free heart banner pattern on Freda’s Hive, and decided it would be the perfect starting point for my next Valentine’s wall quilt. The original pattern I found consists of two scrappy […]


Mug Rugs for the Holidays 2016

I’ve been seeing other people make these simple little mini quilts called mug rugs for months now, and finally decided to make a couple myself. Both of these are 6″ x 6″, with a layer of backing fabric, a layer of Warm & Natural cotton batting, and for the top, scraps of holiday fabric left […]


Quilt-as-You-Go Halloween Strips Table Runner

Want to make something cute, modern and really easy to decorate your Halloween table? I was poking around on Pinterest the other day and found a tutorial for this charming and simple-looking table runner from Rachel of The Fat Quarter gang. If there’s one thing I have a lot of, it’s leftover Halloween fabric in orange, black, […]


Spooky Spider Mini Quilt

Do  you like to make quilts to decorate your house for Halloween? I do! Sometimes, though, I don’t have the time to make a large-scale project. This 14″ square wall quilt took about three hours to make from scraps I had in my sewing room. I’m grateful to The Seasoned Homemaker blog for the inspiration […]


Fourth of July American Flag Rag Quilt

  The Fourth of July (American Independence day) has always been a weak spot in my seasonal decorations. Meaning that I don’t have any Fourth of July decorations, or didn’t until a couple of days ago. That is not my only decorating sin. My children are embarrassed by the simultaneous presence of an Easter Bunny […]