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Quilting Wisdom

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I’m guessing that many of you are suckers for the funny photos of animals and everything else under the sun that circulate on the Internet.  (We certainly are!) Here are a few quilting-themed graphics I have been inspired to make recently. I love a good laugh, and I love having fun with quilting. I hope you enjoy these light-hearted takes on the quilting life.

Good Place fabric store

Want Help Basting that Quilt

Thanks but I'd rather stay home and quilt.

Thanks but I’d rather stay home and quilt.

I like to party

“I like to party. And by party, I mean quilting.” I mostly quilt solo, but any time I get to spend cutting up fabric and making it into something beautiful is a good time in my book.

If that quilter’s look is too aggressive for you, here’s one that’s a bit cuter. This forecast covers just about every weekend around here. “Weekend forecast: Quilting.”

Weekend Forecast Quilting


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