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Done is Better than Perfect

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This morning I saw this very sad post in a quilting group I belong to on Facebook:

“I placed a post back last month about the lack of motivation in quilting. I have just lost the desire. I now have figured it out. By looking at your post I’m just not any good. Even you beginners are making quilts that I would not dream of attempting. I have been at it three years joined a guild and I still am no good.  I have lots of stash that might be up for sale.
Just feel so worthless.”

Do you ever feel like this quilter — that your quilting isn’t good enough to spend your time on, or to show to the world? I hope you don’t. But if you do, I’d like to suggest being extra kind to yourself and your quilting this year, and banishing the word “Perfect” from your quilting vocabulary.

Here’s the reply I wrote to the sad quilter’s post:

“I have been quilting for many years and still would not call myself a good quilter. I keep quilting because I love fabric and because it’s fun. I long ago decided not to worry about all the many, many quilters who do it better than I do. I hope you can find a way to get back your love of quilting. I’ll bet that anyone who ever got a quilt from you thinks it’s a treasure and doesn’t even notice any imperfections in your quilting.”

And here are some of my favorite reasons to keep quilting in 2017:

  1. Having FUN. Because what’s more fun than playing with fabric and thread?
  2. Creating something with your own hands and your own ingenuity.
  3. Giving something unique and personal to family or friends.
  4. Contributing something useful to a charity like Quilts of Valor, which gives quilts to wounded soldiers, or one of the many charities that provides quilts for children in need.
  5. Taking a break from housework, or office work, or yard work, or any kind of work!
  6. Taking part in the worldwide community of people who share your love of quilting.

If you think of any I’ve missed, please leave your idea in the comments.

Wishing you a year of happy quilting in 2017.


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