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Strip and Flip Rag Quilt

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Strip and Flip Rag Quilt with Copyright

Whenever a beginning quilter me asks what kind of quilt is best to start out with, I always recommend making a pieced strip quilt. Anyone who can sew a reasonably straight line can sew strips together. If you aren’t completely confident of your ability to choose colors that look together, making your quilt from a jelly roll of precut strips helps take away that anxiety. The colors and patterns in jelly rolls are designed to work together. (By professionals!)

Precut strips are a bit more expensive than buying fabric yardage, but they save you all the time of measuring and cutting, which is one of my least favorite parts of making a quilt.

I made this easy lap size rag quilt from the free Strip and Flip tutorial  from Allison of the Cluck Cluck Sew blog. I adapted the original pattern into a rag quilt and added white ric-rac around the outer edges to give it a decorative touch.

The Strip and Flip quilt is made by sewing a set of color-coordinated strips into a quilt top, then cutting the top into three sections, flipping the middle section around, adding white strips to the center section, and resewing the sections back into a single quilt top. Check out Allison’s tutorial for complete instructions.

I made my quilt a bit bigger than the original and changed the proportions of the three sections a bit. I also omitted the white strips around the middle section, because I could achieve the same effect by making the quilt a rag quilt.

The fabric for my quilt came from this jelly roll of precut 2.5″ strips from Moda. The fabric collection is called Pedal Pushers.Pedal Pushers Moda Jelly Roll

I arranged my strips so the color moved in gradations from navy blue to red. I love these fabrics and their cheery spring colors.


I sewed the individual strips together with a standard 1/4″ quilter’s seam. After I cut the quilt top into three sections, I used a wider 3/4″ seam to rejoin the sections, so I could have a generous clipped edge. The white polyester fleece backing fabric you can see in the rag seams substitutes for the white strips in the original pattern.

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