Flamingo Rag Quilt | New Quilters

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This is an early rag quilt I made last year that seemed a little small at its original size of about 43 x 57. Yesterday I added the borders and gave the outer edge a deeper fringe. Then I took the quilt to my daughter’s high school to donate to a raffle for their annual all-you-can-eat crab feed.

This quilt wasn’t one of my favorites, but as I brought it into the office, someone waiting there saw me with it and said, “Oh, I hope I win that at the raffle!” That really brightened my quilting day.

A big part of the fun of quilting for me is combining the fabrics I’ve come across in different places at different times into something new and (I hope) pleasing. The more enduring satisfaction is knowing that my creations are out there providing comfort and cheer for other people, many of whom I’ll never even know.


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