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Storing Wall Quilts When They’re Out of Season

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One of the most vexing storage problems in my sewing room has always been, “What to do with all my wall quilts when I don’t have them up on the walls?”

After years of piling out-of-season quilts awkwardly in a corner, I finally found a storage solution I love: a thing called a roll file, which is designed for storing architects’ plans and other rolled papers. It works just perfectly for my wall quilts, don’t you think? And it can roll out of the way when I want to vacuum the sewing room floor.

Here’s a link to the one I bought (affiliate link).

Warning — the wire sections are held together with plastic clips that were NOT EASY to put together. I have bruised fingertips today, but it’s worth it! I liked it so much that I have a larger one on order to store my bolts of fleece backing fabric. (Photo to come after I get it put together.)


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