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How big should you make a table topper quilt? The table below gives dimensions for quilts to top several different size tables. Table runner quilts are a great way to try out techniques you’re not quite confident enough to use yet on a bed quilt.

Table Type

 Table Size

 Table Topper Size

Card Table  36″ x 36″  36″ x 36″Turn the topper on the diagonal to put it on the table.
 Dining Table: Small Rectangular  42″ x 54″  13″ x 48″Center the topper on the table top.
 Dining Table: Large Rectangular  42″ x 72″  13″ x 72″Center the topper on the table top.


Here are some table topper quilts to inspire your creativity. How about making a different one for every season? Here’s a Christmas-themed quilt:


Photo by lindakl, Flickr.com; used with Creative Commons license.

Here’s one made with Rail fence quilt blocks. This would be a good way to use up extra blocks (I don’t know about you, but I always make too many). If you look closely, you can see some interesting diagonal quilting on this runner:


Photo by cascade_lily, Flickr.com. Used with Creative Commons license.

I like the interesting shape of this one:


Photo by Jayne Marie TN, Flicker.com. Used with Creative Commons license.

How about this one with matching napkins? The contrasting shape of the candles really completes the tablescape.


Photo by jessyroos, Flickr.com. Used with Creative Commons license.



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