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Great Sewing Room Cleanup Giveaway #3: Diamond in Square Quilt Blocks

UPDATE: Cathy Ketcham is the winner of the Diamond in Square Blocks. This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win, keep watching — we’ll be posting the next block giveaway soon. 

It’s time for the third giveaway in The Great Sewing Room Cleanup: a set of thirty-three 12-1/2″ Diamond in Square blocks. Will you be the lucky winner?

To enter your name in the giveaway, just scroll down to the bottom of the post and leave a comment. The winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, July 9, from all the entries we receive. Good luck!

Made with a Grandmother’s Love

These blocks have a special history. They were given to me by my daughter’s cheerleading coach. Her grandmother had been a lifelong quilter, crocheter, and crafter. When she died at age 99, she left her granddaughter a treasure trove of quilting supplies, tools, and unfinished projects, which Coach Kelli gave to me because she knew I was a quilter. I made a quilt for Kelli out of a set of Mardi Gras blocks I found among the boxes, but have never had time to finish this beautiful set of blocks into a quilt. Now one of you will get the chance to finish this project which was started with so much care and craftsmanship.

Here’s just a small sampling of the blocks in the giveaway. The other blocks are compatible with this set. They are mostly floral prints with either larger-scale or smaller-scale flowers like the ones you see below. We promise the winner will love them!




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Christine Mann

Christine Mann is one of the founders of the New Quilters blog. She likes to make quilts for family and friends. She shares her quilting room with her bad dog, Marcus.

  • Yvonne Vallejos says:

    Love this block! Would love to win!

  • Margaret Parker says:

    Grandmothers are great!

  • Rosina says:

    Just found this website am loving it. I live in New Zealand

  • I would love to win this I love sewing im a beginning quilter still some of the thangs I don’t know how to make it would be an honor to win this hope you pick my name god bless you all

  • Kimberly Mcmillan says:

    I am new to quilting, I would love to win these to improve and in Han even my skills.

  • abrenda says:

    I would love to win this im teachimg my 6 yr old granddaughter how to sew I got her her own lil sewing machine and fat quarter squaes shes making her and her baby doll clothes alike she wants to make a quilt for her baby doll so im teaching her ive only been sewing for 5 yrs im disiblitled and this is what I do for my hobby im always sewing 24 7 I lost one of my daughters a couple months ago and if I didn’t have my sewing to do I would be in the nut house so I thank god I have this to do and all my beautiful grand children and great grand children 30 and seen will be 15 great I love them all out of all of them only one whats to learn to sew I hope I can win this

  • Dianne Holcombe says:

    I’m a definite blue and gold girl, oh what I could make with those blocks! Please consider me!

  • Linda Murphy says:

    Would love to win. They are beautiful.

  • Deborah Minger says:

    I love these fabrics!

  • Joni says:

    Love the fabric used in these blocks and also love the pattern. I would love to make them into a beautiful quilt!

  • Cecile Moreau says:

    This would make a lovely quilt for my daughter.

  • Joy says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. Great blocks especially the flowers.

  • Tru Sisco says:

    Just now learning to quilt and living it.

  • I love this template, hope Im chosen for the GIVE AWAY! Diamond in square quilt Blocks. Lovely!!

  • Lyndia says:

    Beautiful Quilt blocks!!!

  • Margo Otto says:

    I hope I’m not to late to enter your contest for the beautiful quilt

  • Linda says:

    these are beautiful would love to win them to make my 2nd quilt ever. would then give it to a friend of mine who has a lot of medical problems and she loves flowers

  • Monika Wong says:

    Violets were Mum’s favourite flowers. Love to make a quilt with this pattern.

  • Jenny Watson says:

    I hope that I am not too late to enter this give-away. I made my first quilt last year – a cot quilt for my great granddaughter – and was amazed that I could do it!

    My congratulations to the lucky winners – enjoy.

  • Jeanne Brown says:

    wonderful blocks would love to make a quilt with them

  • Victoria Cary says:

    I am 70 and just completed my first quilt. i have been an avid needle pointer and cross stitcher however I can see that quilting allows for so much more creativity. It would be fun and special to complete a quilt with these lovely squares!

  • Sandy Benavides says:

    These are just beautiful. Oh how I would love to piece them together. I would love to win this. Thank you!

  • Ruth Vogt says:

    I love the colors

  • Fonda Hatfield says:

    I hope you draw my name. I really enjoy quilting

  • Inez Fay Hulsey says:

    Love square in a square blocks the colors used in this one remind me of a quilt my Mother made a long time ago .

  • Emma Whittington says:

    These are wonderful blocks. It would be a pleasure to see these finished into a quilt. Thanks!

  • Gretchen says:

    Beautiful blocks, love the bright colors

  • Nancy A Boyd says:

    I would win thses blocks so i could make the quilt to put in my churchs quilts for comfort. We give the quilts away to anyone who has a catastrophe or magor illness.
    We also give to the Boys & Girls Ranch every year & the Veterans Hosp yearly.
    They would love a quilt from thses

  • Carolyn Lewis says:

    This is beautiful would love to make this quilt.

  • Jude says:

    I am so looking forward to using these blocks. Thank you for sharing…AND KEEP ON CLEANING OUT OUR SEWING ROOM. It’s beneficial to everyone.

  • Auntiepatch says:

    I would love to have these! Thanks!

  • Cindy Stahl says:

    I would love to win the blocks! We are currently creating quilts for the Ronald McDonald house patients. Your blocks would go a long way in helping us provide a warm hug in the form of a beautiful quilt or 3!Thank-you for spreading the love of quilting and your kind generousity!

  • Yvonne Deane says:

    II’d love this to be my first ever quilt

  • Joan says:

    What beautiful and traditional quilt blocks! I would have to have my head examined if I said that I would not want to win them. So to alleviate having to go to a Neurologist I am going to say “YES” I would love to be the lucky winner!!!!!

    Thank you!

  • Margaret Parker says:

    A lovely change in the block.

  • Margaret Parker says:

    This is a very beautiful block. would love to win them

  • Vivian K Oaks says:

    The blocks are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks so much for the chance to win them! And how precious that they were made by someone who has been quilting for so long! Obviously expertly made!!

  • Janice Brockett says:

    It would be such a honor to make a quilt out of these beautiful blocks.

  • Yvonne Deane says:

    Hi I’d love to win the blocks just bought some fat quarters and a rotary cutter and wanting to get going

  • Ann Turner says:

    I gotta have it. It is georgous. I gotta win it. Anyway. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Lorri says:

    The blocks look like lots of fun to put together. May the winner enjoy them

  • Susan stanley says:

    If I win these beautiful blocks I would like to include the quilters name on my label.
    Amazing …she lived to be 99 years old and still had UFO s!

  • Wilber Patti says:

    I would love to win in the giveaway! I Am teaching my niece to piece and quilt and I would give these to her. What inspiration! Thank you.

  • Robin Clary says:

    Would love to win these lovely blocks.

  • I love the color choices in this block!!! I consider myself a beginner when it comes to quilting. I still have so much to learn and these blocks look like they would give me a lot of experience!

  • Marie Samples says:

    To win these blocks would make me so happy. I already have an idea for a quilt. I feel lucky today.

  • Rhonda SIMPSON says:

    I’m very excited to be quilting, learning all that I can to be a better quilter!! These blocks are so beautiful!! I would love to win these and put them together for a quilt to give to my Mom!! Thank you for this opportunity to enter this sweepstakes!!

  • Shanarz says:

    I would love the Diamond jewels to treasure forever

  • Lee says:

    I continue to learn so much from this blog and videos!! Thanks so much!!

  • Karen says:

    I am so fascinated with learning how to quilt. I’m soaking it all up like a sponge.

  • Sonja ratliff says:

    Would love to win these blocks. A dream come true.

  • Alice Kathryn Park says:

    Lovely blocks! Thank you!

  • Karen Etheridge says:

    I think quilts are a loving work of art!

  • Pat Moore says:

    These are so lovely… I have just finished cleaning out my mother’s sewing room and while there are no UFO’s – there are little stashes of fabric that I cherish and can use in a later project..

  • meridel cosgrove says:

    These blocks are lovely. Would love to have a quilt of them.

  • Beverly james says:

    These are just gorgeous! Love the fabric choice. Love your blog for how-to info and the inspiration to go ahead with projects.

  • BJAsews says:

    These remind me of the quilts my mother-in-law made. I love the pansy fabric!

  • Rowena M says:

    I hey are beautiful. I would love to win them. What a treasure.

  • Carol Nation says:

    Love Love Love the pattern. I like everything about this quilt. I like doing scrappy. I would love to win this quilt. Thanks for letting me see this.

  • Judy Cole says:

    Love this quilt block. Simple, while using up scraps, or any of my fabrics. Great offer, a free block. Would love to win one to include in a blanket or table top!

  • Cathy says:

    I am a beginning quilter and I really love these squares. I would love to win them.

  • Barbara Southard says:

    I would love to win these beautiful blocks! In my younger days, I was a cheerleader, then a cheerleading coach/school teacher as an adult. I had to retire in 2011 from teaching due to medical reasons; that’s when I took up quilting as a new hobby to keep my hands and legs moving – as well as to lift my spirits – at the advice of my neurologist. I love quilting but am very slow at piecing things together. To win these gorgeous blocks would be a dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Lisa Adams says:

    These are so beautiful! I would love to win them.

  • Sue Duckworth says:

    What beautiful blocks, would look so nice with my white walls and a great project for these cold winter days.

  • Arnetia says:

    I love the flowered print blocks, I would love to win these.

  • Connie says:

    To win these beautiful squares would be wonderful. They would make such an awesome quilt.

  • GrammaVee says:

    Beautiful! I love quilting! It would be awesome to win these blocks!!

  • Connie Hughes says:

    I love quilting. It makes me feel good to create something out of a piece of fabric.

  • Lois Atkinson says:

    OH how I would love to win thee blocks. The blocks all being pieced together would be such a gift in itself. The pictures look like a good variety of colors. PICK ME !!
    PICK ME please.

  • Linda Murphy says:

    So very beautiful would love to win them.

  • Stephenie Kyser says:

    What an honor to be the recipient of a treasure trove of quilting supplies. These blocks need to be in a finished quilt and I can help with that.

  • Lesley Reed says:

    These blocks are lovely and would come together very nicely.
    I would find such pleasure in completing this quilt if I was lucky enough to win these blocks. I really enjoyed reading the history of the blocks and hope the lucky person appreciates them for what they are worth.
    I am at present working on a quilt with flying geese. Started many years ago and put in storage but now I am determined to finish it, even with the fiddley flying geese.

  • Mary Ann Britt says:

    Beautiful, what fun ,I would to win these blocks. Much enjoyment and relaxation

  • gail says:

    pick me ! PICK ME!

  • Jean Vorachek says:

    Love the pattern. . . Just getting back to seeing after quite a few years break.

  • As a beginner I would love to win these squares. I see a beautiful quilt in the future for some lucky person.

  • Cathie S says:

    These blocks are so beautiful. When I look at them It brings peace and makes me smile

  • Karen Luxton says:

    These blocks are Beautiful!!! Love the prints.

  • Evelyn Byrne says:

    I would love to win those great squares,I can see a beautiful quilt in the making,

  • Sue Horowitz says:

    I use quilting to clear my head. Best hobby ever

  • Gail Bosher says:

    They are very cool looking. Would like this to be my next project.

  • Jann Adams says:

    Just what I need for a quilt for my sister! Beautiful!

  • Deborah says:

    Can’t wait to see if I win this give away. I’ve never won anything, but would love anything to do with quilting!

  • Theresa Keaton says:

    Wow! These are beautiful. My grandson is getting married in Sept. and I want to make a quilt for a wedding gift. I have been searching for just the right pattern. These blocks would be perfect, if this Newby quilter could do them justice!

  • Margaret J says:

    These look wonderful!

  • Donna Smith says:

    I just love these new blocks and I am sure they would look just fab in my home

  • Pam says:

    Oh, what fun it would be to “Pay It Forward” with these quilt blocks!

  • Rita says:

    Would really love to win these 33 beautiful blocks!

  • J S Donoho says:

    These are beautiful, am I understanding this correctly, the squares are ready to put together in a quilt, no piecing? Would love to win.

  • JOY HACHTEL says:

    This is a perfect example of how quilters forward their love years after they are gone. Wonderful idea for a giveaway.

  • Billie says:

    This is a gorgeous block. Beautiful.

  • Barbara Wojciechowski says:

    I just love star blocks and these are one of the prettiest I have seen. Would make a great charity quilt, and the previous owner would be very happy to see them put to good use. Keep up the good work !

  • Nicole Sender says:

    What beautiful blocks! I know an outstanding quilt could be made with these blocks! I’d love to be the one to make a quilt with all the blocks!

  • Susan Miller says:

    Beautiful colors!!! I would love this to be my next project! !!

  • Rosemary says:

    Love those blocks. I have a brand new granddaughter and what a wonderful gift a quilt made from these would be. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  • Dorothy Ulriksen says:

    I began sewing when I was 21 and have loved it ever since, from learning to sew for my baby daughter and myself., on through her school years and graduation. As other kiddies came along, they got tops, shorts and anything else I could sew for them. Well they are all gone and my sister-in-law introduced me to quilting as I was getting ready to retire. Now quilting fills my days. I love learning new patterns and this Diamond in a Square looks like so much fun. Thank you so much for enriching our lives with all your good information. Blessings on you !!

  • Mary C says:

    Wow! This would be a great next project. 🙂

  • Gail H says:

    I like the border around the blocks. They would make a great donation quilt.

  • Fredda says:

    My grandmothers favorite flower was the pansy. Every time I see anything with pansies I think of her.

  • charles webster says:

    beautiful block

  • Robyn Winter says:

    These squares are beautiful. Would make an awesome quilt

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