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Of course you want to show off your nifty new quilt by displaying it on the nearest wall. Here’s a way to make a quilt hangable that involves no hand sewing at all! As soon as I found this technique at the Alzheimers Quilt Initiative website, I had to try it on a quilt of my own.

This method is even easier than making a hanging sleeve for your quilt, but it comes with two caveats:

  • The dowel or rod you hang the quilt on must be cut to the exact width of the quilt. If you use a hanging sleeve to hand the quilt, you can use any old dowel that’s longer than the quilt.
  • The technique is best for smaller quilts because it provides no support for the center of the quilt. A larger quilt might sag in the middle.

Step by Step Instructions

Here’s how to add hanging pockets to the back of your quilt:

  1. Start with the quilt squared up and ready to bind.
  2. Measure the quilt’s width across the top and divide by three. Cut four fabric squares that size. If the quilt is 18″ wide, cut 6″ squares.blank
  3. Fold each square in half into a triangle. They should look like this: blank
  4. Pin the triangles into the four corners of the quilt’s back side, with their raw edges aligned with the quilt’s outer edges.blank
  5. Attach the binding to the quilt. I prefer the no-hand-sewing method. When you sew the binding on, the triangles will be sewn into the corners of the quilt.blank
  6. Here’s what the quilt looks like with the binding sewn on:blank
  7. Cut a dowel or a flat piece of wood to the width of the quilt and insert it in the top two triangles. If the quilt doesn’t want to lie flat, you can add a second dowel at the bottom to make it hang straight.

Your quilt is now ready to hand on a single nail or screw.

Post photo: “Costa Rican Cart,” by Jackie Seidell. Photographed by Christine Mann at the Pacific International Quilt Festival, 2010.


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