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Learn basic quilting techniques with step-by-step photo instructions.

All About Pin Basting a Quilt

My favorite way to baste most quilts is with basting spray. But sometimes basting with safety pins is a better choice–if you don’t like breathing in chemical fumes, for instance, or if you’re basting a quilt that you might not get finished for quite a while. Pin basting is easy to learn, low-tech, and involves […]


All About Spray Basting a Quilt

What’s your least favorite part of making a quilt? Mine is basting. Or it was, until I discovered basting spray. Basting spray glues the layers of a quilt together temporarily until you can quilt them together permanently with your sewing machine.  It’s by far the fastest and easiest way I’ve found to baste, and the […]


How to Machine Bind a Quilt (No Hand Sewing!)

I know many people love to sew by hand, but I am not one of those people. I’ve noticed that my sewing machine is faster, more accurate, and, with all of its clever decorative stitches, more inventive than my fingers. It’s machine quilting all the way for me, baby! That’s why I was so pleased […]


How to Make a Quilt Hanging Sleeve

A hanging sleeve is a fabric tube sewn to the back of a quilt to make it possible to hang the quilt on the wall. A dowel or a rod or a flat board is slipped through the tube, then suspended from nails or screws on the wall. Hanging sleeves are also used to mount […]


Sew an Easy Wine Gift Bag for Christmas

This easy gift bag is fun to make and can be adapted to any season by just changing the fabrics. The bags are durable enough to use over and over, unlike wrapping paper that just goes in the trash after one use. Supply List for Wine Bottle Gift Bags You can use lots of different […]


How to Make a Rag Quilt

If you are a new quilter, a charity quilter looking for fast and simple projects, or a lazy quilter like me, rag quilts are perfect for you. You don’t have to be a precision cutter or sew a perfect 1/4″ seam (I’m not very good at either, and I’m quite happy with the way my […]


How to Make Quilt Binding from Fabric Strips

Putting on the binding is the last step in assembling a quilt. Quilt binding is a protective fabric covering that goes over the raw edge of the quilt sandwich. You can buy ready-made quilt binding, but I prefer to make my own binding from quilting fabric. It costs less, and you will find a much […]