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Learn basic quilting techniques with step-by-step photo instructions.

Friendship Star Quilt Block Tutorial

Every quilter should have a few star blocks in her bag of tricks. This week’s easy quilt block, the Friendship Star, is one of the simplest star blocks you can make. I also like it best among the star blocks because of its charming pinwheel quality. The block is made by combining squares with half-square […]


Disappearing Four-Patch Quilt Block Tutorial

I was doing some quilt blog-hopping the other day when I saw this tutorial on how to take an ordinary four-patch block, cut it up, and turn it into a cool new block that looks much more interesting than the original. I just had to try it for myself. I started with four five-inch squares, […]


Sewing Snowball Quilt Blocks — Tutorial

Snowball quilt blocks: they’re not just for winter or Christmas quilts! You can make snowballs at any season, with any combination of fabrics from traditional to fanciful. Here’s a mini-gallery that shows just a few of the different looks you can create with snowball blocks: In this post, I’m going to show you how to sew […]


Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial

There’s something so cheerful and festive about the pinwheel block — and it’s also an easy block that is well within the abilities of beginning quilters. Pinwheels look great in quilts for children or in Christmas projects. The block is made by sewing together four half-square triangle blocks in such a way that the block […]


Three Ways to Make Rag Quilt Borders

I have tried several different ways to create the outer edges of my rag quilts. First Try: Fringe the Outer Squares It isn’t strictly necessary to include any border at all on a rag quilt. You can use your rag snips to clip the outer edges of the quilt in exactly the same way you […]


How to Design a Better-Looking T-Shirt Quilt

I love t-shirts, but I’ve never been a big fan of t-shirt quilts. That’s because the typical t-shirt quilt pattern looks like this–worthy, but dull. It’s easy to see why so many t-shirt quilters go with a basic grid design. It helps unify a group of images that don’t necessarily have a lot in common. […]


How to Stabilize T-Shirts for T-Shirt Quilting

One reason we all love wearing t-shirts is because they are made from such soft, stretchy knit fabric. When it comes to making t-shirt quilts, though, their stretchiness poses a problem. The same give that makes t-shirts so comfortable also makes them get distorted and wonky if you sew them without preparing them in advance. […]


Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Tutorial

There are at least four ways to make Flying Geese Quilt Blocks. This post gives you step by step instructions for one of them: making the block from one rectangle and two contrasting squares. How to Sew a Flying Geese Quilt Block from Squares and Rectangles You will need a rectangle for the “goose” and […]


Printing Pictures on Fabric – a Tutorial

Photographs and other images add something special to your quilts,  t-shirts, and other sewing projects. Pretreated ink jet printer fabric makes printing on fabric at home fast and easy. You can print your first image on fabric in just a few minutes. Supply List for Printing Pictures on Fabric Here’s what you’ll need to print […]