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Six Popular Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

There are lots of different ways to arrange Log Cabin blocks into a quilt. Each Log Cabin pattern offers a unique look quite different from all the others. Here are five of the most popular patterns for basic Log Cabin quilt blocks. Log Cabin Straight Setting This is a simple layout, with all the blocks […]


How to Make Your Own Quilt Design Wall

How can you be sure the quilt you’re planning will look good before you go to all the work of cutting out the fabric and sewing the quilt together? A quilt design wall gives you a way to test your fabric choices and see exactly how your quilt will look before you assemble it. You […]


Quilt Size Guide for Table Toppers

How big should you make a table topper quilt? The table below gives dimensions for quilts to top several different size tables. Table runner quilts are a great way to try out techniques you’re not quite confident enough to use yet on a bed quilt. Table Type  Table Size  Table Topper Size Card Table  36″ x […]


Quilt Size Guide for Bed Quilts

Wondering exactly what size to make your next quilt? This chart gives quilt and mattress dimensions for bed quilts of all sizes, from crib to California King. Keep reading after the chart to see other factors you should consider when you plan a bed quilt’s size. Bed Quilt Size U.S. Mattress Size            […]

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