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Six Popular Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

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There are lots of different ways to arrange Log Cabin blocks into a quilt. Each Log Cabin pattern offers a unique look quite different from all the others. Here are five of the most popular patterns for basic Log Cabin quilt blocks.

Log Cabin Straight Setting

This is a simple layout, with all the blocks oriented in the same direction, but surprisingly elegant. The division of each block into darks and lights makes the squares appear to march in ordered rows from the top corner of the quilt to the bottom, something like a flock of geese in flight. You can strengthen this impression by using just one dark fabric and one light fabric, or make the quilt look less formal by choosing a scrappy assortment of fabrics.


Fields and Furrows Pattern

The diagonal lines of darks and lights in this setting look like the rows in a freshly plowed field.


Barn Raising Pattern

This setting’s square-in-a-square layout suggests a building and the cooperative effort that would raise a barn in a single day.


Sunshine and Shadows Pattern

This layout consists of alternating diamonds of dark and light. The design doesn’t draw the eye across the quilt as some Log Cabin designs do, which gives the quilt a formal, dignified look.


Chevron Pattern

A series of upside-down “V” shapes that imitate the chevron badge on a soldier’s sleeve. There are other Chevron layouts besides the one shown here, but this one is simple to create.


Broken Dishes Pattern


Log Cabin Broken Dishes Quilt Pattern


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