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Diamond Charms Table Runner Quilt Tutorial

I like making small quilts, especially when I want to try out a new quilting technique. That way, if something goes wrong, it’s only a teeny little disaster, not a huge one. That’s one reason I made this little table runner. It was my first-ever self-bound quilt — that is, a quilt where you fold the […]


Quilt Block Giveaway: Vintage Hand Applique Morning Glories

The great sewing room cleanup giveaway continues… This week, we’re giving away this one-of-a-kind set of twenty hand-appliqued Morning Glory blocks. These blocks came to us from a quilting friend who is moving and doesn’t have enough room for all her goodies in her new sewing room. These vintage beauties are all identical, 12″-square blocks […]


Quilt Block Giveaway: Paper Pieced 1930s Beauties

Update, March 17, 2018: The giveaway is now closed. Nancy W. is the winner. Thanks to everyone who entered. I’m cleaning up the sewing room by giving away this set of twelve paper-pieced quilt blocks in charming 1930s reproduction fabrics. These came to from a quilting friend who had them in her sewing room for […]


Disappearing 9 Patch Table Topper Tutorial

26″ Square Table Topper This pretty little quilt makes a great table topper or small wall quilt for any celebration. You can use fabrics that work with any holiday: Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween — or just choose any fabrics that appeal to you. Here’s a little gallery of table toppers I’ve […]


Video: Spray Basting a Quilt

We just found this helpful video on preparing and spray basting your quilt layers. Love the colors in this quilt, too! Spray basting is our all-time favorite way to get a quilt ready for the final finishing steps. If you haven’t tried it, watch to get a good sense of just how easy it is.


12 Days of Christmas Quilted Table Runner

I was idly looking at Christmas quilts on the Internet a few days ago when I came across a fun-looking tutorial for a Christmas table runner on the Samelia’s Mum blog and decided, “Why not?” The table runner is made of Disappearing 9-patch blocks, which are 9-patch blocks that you piece, cut up, rearrange into a […]


Sharing the Story of Your First Quilt

Every quilter makes a first quilt, and every first quilt has a story behind it. We’re gathering quilters’ stories of their first quilts to feature here on our blog in the coming months. We’re also planning to include two or three of the best stories we receive in the new expanded version of our book, […]


New Rotary Cutter for Tired or Painful Hands

Do your hands or fingers get tired or achy when you cut your fabric? We just came across this cool-looking cutter that rests in the palm of your hand and reduces the finger strain caused by gripping a regular rotary cutter.  We haven’t tried it ourselves, but you can see how it works in this […]

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