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A Day at the Quilt Show 2017

Every year in the middle of October, I visit the Pacific International Quilt Festival. Going to a large quilt show like this is like getting a concentrated shot of creative energy — and creative anxiety. There are dozens and dozens of fantastic quilts made by women around the world, and every single one of them […]


Storing Wall Quilts When They’re Out of Season

One of the most vexing storage problems in my sewing room has always been, “What to do with all my wall quilts when I don’t have them up on the walls?” After years of piling out-of-season quilts awkwardly in a corner, I finally found a storage solution I love: a thing called a roll file, […]


The Great Sewing Room Cleanup Giveaway #2

Update: We have a winner! Vicky M. will be getting her sheep blocks in the mail. Thanks to everyone who entered.  Last week, we gave away a set of beautiful Grandmother’s Fan quilt blocks. This week, we have something completely different for you: a set of 12 sheep. Wouldn’t they make a charming baby quilt? […]


Loving Your Less-than-Perfect Quilting

Are you your own worst critic when it comes to your quilting? So many of us are, and not just beginners who are still working on basic quilting skills. Many expert quilters are even harder on themselves than newbies who still have a lot to learn. I belong to several online quilting groups, and I’ve […]


Quilt Binding Tip: Making Perfect Corners

One of the great frustrations you may run into when you bind your quilts is achieving a perfect mitered corner — that is, a corner with a beautiful, crisp 45-degree angle that ends in a sharp point. This video shows the clever (and easy) binding trick quilt designer Patrick Lose uses to achieve those perfect […]

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